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Stephanie Risinger, MS, LCMFT

Stephanie is a clinically licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Kansas and Missouri. Early in her career she worked in an adolescent pregnancy prevention program and learned the degree to which women are under educated in regard to their reproductive health and thus began her journey toward educating herself and others. 

Stephanie went on to experience her own challenges in trying to grow her family. From that Stephanie developed a sense of purpose in helping women find and live from their inherent worth, regardless of their fertility and motherhood experiences. She shifted her clinical focus to working with families experiencing challenges during the reproductive years. She also hosted The Holistic Fertility and Wellness Podcast 2016 – 2018 to support and educate families facing fertility challenges and to help women interested in better understanding their bodies, minds, and emotions.

Stephanie received her Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University in 2009.  In addition, Stephanie served as an adjunct professor of psychology for five years at California Baptist University and has been a featured speaker at numerous community events, organizational meetings, trainings, and women’s retreats. She completed her Certificate in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through Postpartum Support International in 2020.

Member: American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

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